“The Elder Scrolls V” Aotemo ethnic history, humanities and styles and Xiayu Island scenery

Otto Mo, who was again a singer and a high elf by the people of the sky, is a resident of Xia’s Island. He has a very high affinity for magic and sensibility. From the beginning of the first epoch, the Ao Momo of Xia Wei Island has experienced What big events have it; what impact has it brought to them? Let’s bring you the Elder Mo ethnic history, the humanities and the Xiayu Island scenery, and come back to know about Aotemo.

Under the ugly political propaganda of the Third Reich of the Humanity (whether it was the Septin dynasty or the current Mead dynasty), I waited for the sinister people to be filthy. In fact, the human empire is the initiator of all conflicts. As early as the first epoch, the army led by the Alesia and Isgramo slaughtered the elves of the original inhabitants in Hirodil and in the sky, even if the kingdom of Aleid was willing to obey and escaped from being slaughtered. fate. The third empire under the rule of Taber, who took the place, took up the island of Xia, because the fierce battle of the sea used the brass giant to destroy the crystal law, violently conquered Xiayu Island, and later in the first edition of the Imperial Pocket Guide. I am filthy and arrogant, destroying my image. Aotemo has never been a militant. In order to liberate the Xiayu Island, which has been polluted by human beings, in order to save the deep-rooted Bosmo distant relatives, in order to liberate the Kajit people ruled by mankind, Sommere has no choice but to send Herod. Although the war has subsided, the false gods will eventually be cast aside, but the stupid, emerging storm cloak of the Empire and the Horizon is still making false, filthy, and ugly propaganda against Sommer and all the people of Otto. In view of this, as an Aotemo, because of my love for my homeland and people, I must present our true side to everyone.

Odmo’s descendants – Aotemo

Otto Mo is from the island of Xia, which is the open-minded people of this continent. It is tall and has golden skin, usually with golden, green or amber eyes. They are also called high elves by the residents of Tamriel. In the empire, “high” usually means arrogance or snobbery, and those relatively “lower races” usually think that Aotemo often shows arrogance or snobbery and resent them. Otimo’s life span is two to three times that of humans; a 200-year-old Aotemo is old, and a 300-year-old Otimo old is very, very old. Otto has a culture that is the most civilized throughout Tamriel; the common language of the continent is based on Otto’s articles and speeches, and most of the art, crafts, law and science of the empire are derived from the tradition of Aotemo. .

Aotemo’s talent for arcane is no match for any other race, and it is very resistant to disease. However, Aotemo’s resistance to magic, fire, frost, and thunder is rather bad, and the magic that they are very good at is also their weakness. Aotemo is also the longest and most wise of all races in Tamriel. Because of our magical affinity for magic and the possibility of learning for years, we are often a powerful magic user.

Aotemo is the most direct and original descendant of Odmo. No one knows when and how it changed. But Aotemo did not change, so it changed. When Odmo left their hometown, Odmorris, a large part of them originally settled in Xiayu Island. Many of their history has been lost in the torrent of time, while others have been hidden, but there are some unique ruins and buildings, such as the iconic Sapora Tower, hundreds of years before Odmo arrived. It will be built. In ancient times, Ordmo probably competed with the Slouds of Suras or other strange and unknown creatures for control of Xia’s Island. At some point in time, they united and built the Crystal Tower as a symbol of the spirit and values of their entire nation, and it is also the highest school to study magic before the University of Austrian law.

In addition, the internal social conflicts in Odmo caused a series of immigration surges, from Xia Wei Island to the entire Tamriel, especially to Veros, who led the elves to diversify from Ou De Mo, became such as Kaimo, Bosmo, Osho and Alex (although it is still unclear when and where the forgings and snow elves evolved, but they generally believe that they share a common ancestor like us.) A lot of different, often proven legends point to the change of race since they changed the Holy Spirit that they worshipped.


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