Ryu ga Gotoku Zero – Chikai no Basho Main line process Raiders Chapter 1 The Law of the Pass (Part 1)

(Ryu ga Gotoku Zero)The main line process strategy, in which the storyline will be simple combing, the main line task is red, blue for the battle part, light blue for the mission destination. This works follows the “Luo Weixin” system. In the battle, you can use the cross key to switch the combat style. For example, Kiryu’s three modes of normal, speed and strength, the style is acquired with the game process. In the first few chapters of this book, you can’t experience money islands and shop opening. After that, the battle difficulty will become higher. Some of the plots will be added later. (The process is updated after the story is full of spoilers.) Players who don’t know the background of the characters can check this first. The character part of the forward-looking content.

Note: You can’t reduce the difficulty under difficult difficulty, but you can’t challenge it repeatedly under the legendary difficulty.

December 9, 1998

Tokyo Shinmachi

Plot: The 20-year-old Kiryu Ima is affiliated with the Dongcheng Club as a member of the Dojima group. He taught a young man in the dim path and took away the money from him. Shinmachi, known as the biggest happy street in Toyo, is in the era of bubble economy, and street passers-by are covered by layers of luxury. The passers-by who hit the road when they saw Kiryu’s face and blood did not dare to find it. Afterwards, Kiryu negotiated with a creditor sitting in the car. The creditor said that he was very satisfied with Kiryu’s help and gave him a higher amount of reward. Finally, the creditor’s intention to pull the building to his own business was rejected. After that, the theme song of “Song” of Xiangnan is the wind, officially entered the game.

Chapter 1 Cup の掟 (Kung Sang)

Mission: Explore Jinshan (search for Jinshanzhang)

Combat Teaching 1: Punk

I didn’t walk a few steps forward and saw some people fighting. One of them saw from the badge that Kiryu was mixed on the road, but the other one was not ready to go to war. This battle is a teaching level, very simple and familiar with the operation. Finally, the “root counterattack” is a counterattack that is sent in the moment before falling down by a square or triangle when the blood is lost. After Jin Shanzhang appeared, he used R2 to go to drink with him.

Combat Teaching 2: Drunk

On the way, the young and middle-aged people who were drunk were awake and continued to teach. Compared with the original one, the gas tank was expanded to three. The triangle key can consume the pneumatic trough to launch the “polar” skill. After the battle, the system explained the accumulation. CP can get special codes at shrines or temples. Then we met a foreigner who thought that Kiryu was a quick material to guide. After clicking “Capability Enhancement”, you can use money to purchase skills, and the money required for this turntable is also increased step by step.

Plot: From the conversation, Jinshan said that Tongsheng is a bit overwhelmed by this era. It is meaningless to climb into the underworld without using means. Kiryu is sure that he will only fight and not pay attention to what he wants. However, Jinshan believes that he maintains the status quo is the best, both of them feel that the new wind Taro is not letting them join the wind group is another opportunity. Then there is a karaoke to get 90 points or more to unlock a CP.

Followed by Jinshan Zhang to the noodle restaurant. I learned from TV news that a man was killed somewhere in the room at 11 o’clock last night. When I looked back at the TV, I found that this was the place where I collected my debt last night. The goods that were collecting debts were even more tense. At this time, Kiryu’s pager rang.

Mission: Public telephone calls (find public telephones)

Going down the street to the north is a telephone booth. It is a long time to wait for the three to help the Kiryu to talk about it and prepare to go to the headquarters.

Mission: Tangdao Group Headquarters に Xiang (to the Tangdao Group Headquarters)

Battle content: street mix (learn speed style)

Although the speed type attack power is not high, it is special that it can be evaded with three X keys.

At this time, the street is in the daytime. The system prompts that you can press the X button to accelerate the movement for a period of time. At the southern end of the nearest taxi location, you can take a taxi and choose the headquarters of the Dojima Group.


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