“God of War 4” two weeks to update the content of the prospects

In the week of the “God of War 4” players have experienced new gameplay and more shocking plots, battles and so on. So what can you experience in the upcoming two weeks? Today, I will share an official introduction to the “God of War 4” two-week update content preview, let’s take a look.

Whether you have defeated all Valkyrie, whether you have conquered the two regions of Neilheim and Mussbergheim, or have completed the entire journey of Kratos and Atreus. Today brings you a reason why you can continue to hang around in the “God of War” world – that is the new content.

Since the release of the game, from the perspective of the media and forums, the most important thing we need to strengthen now is to add new content to the game. We are very happy because fans like this game, so we want to experience more content, so we I am very honored to be able to create these new models and gameplay for everyone.

Can you imagine that you will be equipped with the equipment and weapons of Valkyrie to fight Badr? You can experience this in the updated content (we call it “two weeks”). So what does it feel like to get the full-scale Leviathan axe at the beginning of the second week? This is also possible, you may need these, because in the second week is not just a simple walk in Midgarth.

In the second week, you can fully inherit the equipment and grades of the week, such as armor, runes, axe handles, etc. Only the power to open the door and the door will remain in the initial state. And the difficulty of the game will be bigger than the one-week. It is unrealistic to want to win the monsters such as the undead soldiers and nightmares in two weeks.

We are currently working on the production of the two-week purpose, and will soon be available to download the content through the patch, and will also publish more relevant information. Welcome to our official website and Twitter.

Finally, thank you again for your enthusiasm and support for God of War.


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