How long is the story of Ryu ga Gotoku Zero – Chikai no Basho

Full chapter synopsis

Chapter 1: The Vow of the Cup (Tongsheng Yima)

The Tangdao group Ma Zitong, a student of the horse, learned the debts. After the debtor was killed, Kiryu became the biggest suspect. As a result of the gang’s long-term calculations, Kiryu was evicted from the gang and became an ordinary citizen. When Kiryu was chasing the murderer, he contacted Lihua, the boss of Lihua Real Estate.

Chapter 2: Underground Real Estate King (Tongsheng Yima)

Lihua Iron wants to cooperate with Kiryu One to get a “blank one ping”. In order to find out the truth of the facts, Kiryu was investigating Lihua real estate. After that, Li Huatie’s left and right hands, Tian Tianchun and Kiryu, were singled out, and Oda was defeated. Li Huatie came forward and said that the old man of Kiryu was introduced to Kiryu and said that his future power would be stronger.

Chapter III: The Splendid Prison (Takashima-ku)

The real estate club “GRAND”, the most popular nightclub in the sky, is doing well, making the nightclub business very prosperous. In order to increase the performance, the real island Wu Lang went to the competitors “Odyssey” nightclub to listen to the real thing, and the other manager met, the two agreed to exchange the lady. When I got home, Shinjiro opened the window and found someone outside to monitor him. I felt like I was in a “glorious prison.”

Chapter 4: Proof of the Underworld (Taiwan Wulang)

Shinjima Yulang wants to return to the underworld, and his boss Sagawa gave him a question: kill a person. After investigation, I learned that the boss wants him to kill someone who is a woman (a blind female villager). Under the erroneous erroneous, Zhendao Wulang protects this person from the pursuit of many murderous brothers. It turns out that many gangsters also want to kill this woman. After escaping the birth day, Shinjima Yuri hesitated to kill this woman…

Chapter 5: The Golden Bowl Washing Path (Tongsheng Yima)

Kiryu Ichi joined Lihua Real Estate and became a “white-collar”. Kiryu Ima and Oda Jun together solved the “iron shovel” problem and found that the black hand behind the scenes was the Dongchenghui. After that, Oda was purely knocked down. Kiryu Ima and the people who beat Oda Taiko played against them, and after defeating them, the Dojima group made a big appearance for Apoye, and asked Kiryu to introduce the Lihua real estate boss.

Chapter 6: The Way of Survival of People in the Underworld (Kong Sang and Ma)

Kiryu Ima decided to find a long time masterpiece to elute his suspicion of murder in the “blank one ping”. Lihua Iron appeared, telling Tongsheng that a horse needs a day to help him find the murderer behind the scenes. The next day, Tongsheng Yima did not hand over the Lihua Iron to the Tangdao Group, and the Apoye Dashu Zhihuitang Island Group Leading the Old Lobby Island Zongbing Collection Tangdao Group all the power to kill Kiryu. Kiryu one horse defeated countless people in the island group, and defeated the Tangdao group holding the iron pipe for a long time, but kept this person a life, did not kill him. After that, I met Aboye’s tree again and did not give in under threat. Walking to the street, Jinshan Zhang drove the car to escape the Kiryu. Going to the secluded place, Jinshan Zhang wanted to kill Kiryu, but he couldn’t get it. Kiryu Ima and Kamsan left after the brotherhood.

Chapter 7: Black Style (Zhendao Wulang)

Zhendao Wulang did not kill the shepherd village, and Li Wenhai teamed up to protect her. After Li Wenhai tried to find a way to “go the ghost”, the animal husbandry escaping from the pursuit. Zhendao Wulang did not agree. The two men fought one, and the real island Wu Lang won after winning. Later, Li Wenhai’s “death ghost” was really killed, but the murderer was not Zhendao Wulang. Just when Zhendao Wulang and Li Wenhai did not understand who killed the murderer, the murderer called Zhendao Wulang and said that he was in “GRAND” and asked for a real trip.

Chapter 8: The Battle for the Battle (Zhendao Wulang)

Zhendao Wulang arrived at “GRAND” and found that the person who called him by phone was Xigu Yu, the president of the Jiangmeng Guiren Association. The two played one, still didn’t figure out what was going on. Sagawa’s suspected dead person is not really a pastoralist, so he designed to track the real island. In the end, Li Wenhai was successfully killed and the real island was murdered. Just when Sagawa wanted to kill Shinjima, a mysterious man appeared, and he fell down with Sagawa, and took away the pastoral village.

Chapter IX: Great Encirclement Network (Tongsheng Yima)

Kiryu Ima’s home was burned, so I found a place to wait for Lihuatie to bring news. When there is nowhere to go, Serena’s mother, Sang Linai, wants Tongsheng to go to the store to escape the disaster. The Tangdao group of people chased Serena, and Kiryu one horse faced the three big donkeys of the Tangdao group, once again with one enemy. After defeating Jiujiu’s masterpiece again, he still couldn’t beat many people’s encirclement. When the crisis was over, Lihua Iron appeared and saved Tongsheng’s horse.

Chapter 10: The price of a man (Tongsheng Yima)

Oda purely took Kiryu and went to Asia Street to find the Chinese Mr. Chen, and Mr. Chen did not care about this. Lihua Iron also took Kiryu to the East City Council (the upper organization of the Tangdao Group) headquarters, and found the second generation president of the Dongcheng Club to represent Mitsuihara. Lihua Iron has a billion, and Dongcheng will order the Tangdao group to stop killing Kiryu. After some negotiations, Mitsui Hara agreed to cover the Kiryu, but did not intend to let them easily leave. As a result, countless Dongcheng clubs have intercepted Kiryu, Ma, and Oda. After a fight, the three were out of trouble. (This section, looking for Mr. Chen’s clip, there is a Chinese voice dialogue.)

Chapter 11: The bottom of the stinking ditch (Taiwan Wulang)

The Sagawa Division who was beaten did not die. After tortured the real island, I asked him to go to the pastoral village. Zhendao Wulang went to Ghosts to find Xigu Yu to inquire about the situation. After defeating Xiaoyan, he learned that the criminal police Billy may know where West Valley is. Zhendao Wulang went to Billyken, and Billy Ken brought Zhendao Wulang to the bottom of the water (under the three-way river). This is an arena where the prisoners are smashing. Billy Kenn asked the real island, Wu Lang, to defeat three people to tell him where West Valley is, so the real island Wu Lang defeated three opponents. After that, I saw the West Valley reputation at the police station. Nishi Yuji wanted to play with one of the real islands, and after telling him, he told the real island that Wumu could be taken away by the people of the Japanese Knights. West Valley Yu intends to join hands with Zhendao Wulang to rescue the pastoral village.

Chapter 12: The Nest of Desire (Takashima-ku)

The prison guard was bribed and shot the West Valley reputation. Sagawa Division brought the real island Wu Lang to the Gion to find the Japanese Knights. After arriving, after defeating the numerous horses of the Knights of the United States, I saw the Dongcheng Club, the governor of the Japanese Knights Association, Shi Liangsheng. After defeating Shiliangsheng, Shiliangsheng said that Mumu is actually in Muromachi. Sagawa opened fire in the back and killed Shi Liangsheng.

Chapter 13: Crime and Punishment (Tongsheng Yima)

Kiryu Ima and Oda pure went to the sky to find the “blank one ping” owner Makura. After finding the pastoral village, he was chased by the Yanze group. (This fight, there are clips of chasing cars and hitting helicopters. It is the “re-engraving” of the PS1 era game. It is estimated that the production team pays tribute to the original works of Rulong.) After that, he betrayed Lihua Tian’s Oda Killed by the Takizawa group, Kiryu Ima and the Makura fled. It turned out that the pastoral village is actually the birth sister of Lihuatie.

Chapter Fourteen: The Undead (羁绊桐一马)

Kiryu, a horse, and a mountain village, came to the Muromachi to find the Lihua Iron. Kiryu, a horse settled in a good pastoral village, went to find Lihuatie. After being attacked by the Dojima group, and then being chased by the Chinese national killer (Golden star Li Canson), Li Huatie was broken and followed the old ghost, and Kiryu was injured and fainted. Mr. Chen, the Chinese boss of Asiatic Street, saved Kiryu. Out of Asia Street, I met the Tangdao group and my own good brother Jin Shanzhang. In order to take care of the loyalty, Jinshan Zhang resolutely helped Tongsheng a horse. Tongsheng Yima and Jinshanzhang found the place where the Tangdao group tortured Lihuatie. After defeating the long-awaited masterpiece, he saved the dying Lihuatie. In the end, Lihuatie is still dead. It’s best to hand over the pastoral village, and don’t make the right thing with the entire Dongcheng. Tong Shengyi Ma said with great enthusiasm: “If Dongcheng would dare to move the pastoral village, I will wash the Dongcheng meeting, one will not stay!” Jiuyi said to himself: “The Kiryu became a real underworld.” “The pastoral village did not finally meet with his brother Li Huatie.

Li Huatie said: “The Japanese are called ‘Japanese devils’ in China.” Jin Shanzhang said to Kiryu, “I am quite you!” Kushiro said, “Sure enough, the boat is naturally straight to the bridge!” These are the dialogues in this chapter. The translation is good, very Chinese, and it is a “conscience” translation rather than a perfunctory one.

It is worth mentioning that the voice of the old ghost is Mandarin Chinese. Although it is a bit blunt, it feels very close after hearing. It seems that the only Chinese culture game in the Dragon series is really going to enter the Chinese market.

Chapter 15: Sunlight from the treetops (Taiwan Wulang)

In order to pursue the whereabouts of Makino, Shinjima Yuro came to Tokyo’s Shinmachi. The real island Wu Lang met the wilderness group, and then met the leader of the team. After the conversation, Shinjima Yulang felt that he was just a pawn, and he was depressed. After defeating Kashiwagi of the Winds Office, Jin Shanzhang, I learned about the whereabouts of the pastoral village. I saw the pastoral village in the “blank one ping”.

Chapter 16: The Proof of Love (Taiwan Wulang)

The real island Wulang brought the octopus to the village, and after eating it, the animal husbandry took the opportunity to leave. Later, the real island Wu Lang learned that the animal husbandry really went to the Tangdao group. After Shinjima Goro arrived at the location of the Dojima group, he saw a scene in which the Makura was shot. Later, Shi Liangsheng appeared to help Zhendao Wulang save the pastoral village.

Chapter 17: White and Black (Tongsheng Yima, Zhendao Wulang)

In the fight for the “blank one ping”, the company was appointed as the next leader of the Tangdao group. In order to stand up in front of the long time and the Apoye tree, the company involved in the wind office. For the safety of the wind office, Kiryu Ima was rescued and defeated a long time. At this time, the leader of the team led the team to attack the headquarters of the Chiba Union in Tokyo’s Yipu Wharf. Tong Sheng Yi Ma and Jin Shan Zhang went to stop the behavior of Shi Ze Kai. Arriving at Yipu Terminal, the company has launched an attack. At this time, Kashiwagi of the Winds Office took two trucks to help (to fight with Ze Kai). In the end, Kiryu defeated the company. In order to give revenge to the pastoral village, Shinjima Yulang intends to wash the Tangdao group, defeating the Apoye tree first, and then defeating the Chinese national killer. At this point, the glorious era of the Tangdao group is gone forever.

The above is a brief introduction to the story of the whole chapter of the Dragon. If you are not very clear about the story, you can look at the above general introduction and hope to help you understand the game.

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