“Dragon Quest 11” Chapter 19:The wild art volcano

Go out of town and go to the next destination after the plot

Where to go and go to the stone group

And then a dialogue with unidentified creatures
After the dialogue, the plot, the plot and the サマディー王 dialogue

After the plot, we use Lula to go to it.

When you come here, go to the branch, and then go to ヤヤクの社

And then go out of the village to go to the volcano

Go in after the plot, go to the secret base after the plot

Go to the lane again
And then go to the depths of the plot

Here we can do the task of the branch line just now.

The name of the branch line:おアツいのが好きでしょ?



When you come to the ヒノノギ volcano, you can knock down the monster on the right side of the map, then you can get the task items, then go back to the client to finish it.

Go back to ヤヤクの社 after the plot

After the plot, go to the entrance of the village

Next to a boss war


The fire dragon has a high attack power. The probability of an ordinary attack of 230 or so is very high, and there is a continuous attack (about 4-5 times) of fireball, floating around 50-60 each time. Therefore, we must keep up with the return of blood. If the grade is low, please return the old Luo and the entertainer to the match. Besides, our tactics are almost the same as that of the previous boss. If you use Camus, you will start the magic field of the earth, then divide it into poison and cut it 6 times. Marr Tina uses the skill of three consecutive attacks if he uses claws. Remember to change his body first. At the same time, remember to give us a defensive power. After all, the dragon’s attack power is pretty high. There is also boss to eat and defend. The first time he hit him, it was still very simple.

Boss then went to ヤヤクの社 to open a bamboo door and talk to his aunt.

After the plot, go to the Mountain Gate of the volcanoVisit Site

After entering the mountain gate, you can trigger the boss war in the deepest part.


As a whole, it’s about the same as the first. But there are many attacks, and most of them are 2-3 consecutive attacks. Here is the most troublesome part. The dragon will use our roar skills for us. We will be able to fight for several rounds, and the probability of using them is also very high. If the grade is not very high, our character can easily be killed by seconds or too late to reply.

Personally, if our role is in a state, we should immediately replace the backup players so as not to be attacked by boss free. If you die carelessly, use props and skills to resurrect. The amount of blood kept above 250

Boss war and then the plot

And then we’ll go to ヤヤクの社 and talk to the auntie

Back to the volcano, to the top of the volcano.

The plot of the most central plot after the plot

After the plot, the protagonist gets the sword of the brave

Then we went out to the volcano. Then take the flying fish to the sky, the devil city is the last place of boss.

But before that, let’s go and take some of the branch tasks and trophies.

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