“Dragon Quest 11” Chapter 20:Sky Magic City

Next we will go to the Sky Magic City~

Go to the destination in the picture and you will be there.

Then go to the city and go forward to boss battle

BOSS: 邪竜軍王ガリンガ

This boss has a very high attack power and will know our buff. This battlefield suggested that our two nurses should be on the scene to reply to hp. Because the skills of the boss are not only 120+, but basically all of the attacks, and in the state of the gas field, basically our characters will be targeted by the second. So a special resurrection of a special blood return.

If we have a gap, we will buff, but it is recommended to only use the defensive power, because I don’t know when the boss will use the skill of clearing our buff. The output is arbitrary. The blood is not particularly thick.

After playing the boss, we will get back a dragon ball. Before going inside, go to the goddess of the star pattern and reply to the HP/MP and record game.

In addition, I would like to remind you that this place can not be returned again, so we must collect all the things along the way.

Then we move on, first go to the deepest part of the right side of the place to step on the device, jump up, then open a door

Go to the second floor and remember that there are treasure chests in every corner and outside. The equipment and forging list available in Sky Magic City are はぐれメタルベスト,「戦姫の肖像」,将軍正装の仕立て方,はぐメタ装備辞典,ちいさなメダル,ほしくずのつるぎ,ほしふるうでわ,きしんの魔槍。

Every time you walk to a fixed place in the first floor, you will have a plot and eliminate the obstacles between the layers (you can use the dragon to mount freely to the upper and lower layers)

Then look at the picture below to go to the fourth floor. A transfer point outside the third field notices that there is a gap in the stairs. Jump on it.

Go to the fourth floor and go to the transfer point in the picture and go to the deepest place to open the organ. Then there are two inside, one of which is the first level of the main entrance. (After opening, take the dragon to the first floor and take it. The treasure chest goes back to the fourth floor), and the other is the road in front of the Devil Castle. At this point, you can go to the goddess to archive it. If the medicine is not enough, you can go out and buy enough, because the boss is still very troublesome.

Ok, let’s go, welcome a boss battle.

BOSS: 魔軍司令ホメロス

The boss will summon the monster to help, but the monster is very slow and the damage is not high, personal advice can ignore him. The boss will use the skill to make our team’s hit rate drop sharply, remember to eliminate it, and also clear our buff. Therefore, it is recommended that 1-2 people are responsible for returning blood, and the other two are always outputting, and do not need to give themselves a buff.

After moving on, there will be two boss battles.

BOSS “魔王ウルノーガ

The devil is very troublesome. First of all, he will use the avatar, and the attacking power of the avatar is similar to that of the body. Fortunately, the blood volume is not much, and it is recommended that the avatar be immediately destroyed. The devil will absorb our mp, clear the buff, gold, and the skills used when the blood is low is basically a high probability. And even the skills of the hell array will cause 165 or so damage to our players every turn. It is recommended to leave only one nurse on the field, to prevent being dropped by the second. In case of all the blood shortage of our team, one of them will help. Reply now.

It is recommended to use the card to get a wave of output, first the earth magic array, and then the body – will be 2 times. This way you can get rid of boss a lot of blood. Other output is free

After playing the boss, there are two bosses. Fortunately, the HP of all the players, the MP is full, or else it will be troublesome.

BOSS 邪竜ウルナーガ&魔王ウルノーガ

It’s a final boss for a week. If you don’t have to go to the level, it’s still a bit difficult. The boss is two, and the skills used are very high. Basically the skill damage is at 250+. At first, the evil dragon and the demon king will interact and one of them will support in the backcourt. The evil dragon will clear our buff, swallow any one person (can’t act when spit out, speed decline, etc.), drop all our curses, etc., and the demon is to clear our buff, sleep all, reply to evil dragon and itself Mp999.

It is very easy to kill the team with a little carelessness.

My idea here is that one person stays with a nurse and the other one helps to reply. When the player is dead, 1-2 people are responsible for the output. When the two are present at the same time, the evil dragon is killed first, because it brings too many negative effects, and the damage is high. Before taking the medicine, I took a little more. I played it according to the method of playing the devil, and I was able to play it.

After ED we will archive first. After the file is saved, it will start for two weeks.




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