“Detroit: Become Human” Jericho and rA9 meaning deep analysis What is rA9

Presumably, many small partners will have a problem after the customs clearance of Detroit, that is: What is rA9? The official did not give a specific answer in the game, although the two sentences were simply described by NPC Kamsky, but the player still got the ambiguous answer. In fact, some of the small partners have already discovered the officially hidden eggs about rA9 in some places. Today, we will share the deep analysis of the meaning of “Detroit: Become Human” Jericho and rA9.


“Detroit: Become Human” has been released for just one month, and compared to the first two works of Quantic Dream, this book has more space for symbol design and interpretation, so this article is mainly divided into three paragraphs, each of which tries to analyze some interesting The location or character design, in order:

“Ground” – Jericho

“People” – Connor, Kara, Markus

“Sky”- ra9

In addition, I believe that readers who read this are all players who have already cleared customs. If they have not yet cleared the customs, it is recommended to go to the book before going to play, otherwise this article contains a lot of spoilers.

“Ground” – Jericho

This article begins with an explanation of location settings.

In the game, the abandoned cargo ship Jericho is a refuge for unusual bionics. But in reality, Jericho is also a real human settlement, a sanctuary for human civilization.

Jericho in the real world is located in Palestine and is located on the west bank of the Jordan River.

According to archaeological data, because Jericho is located next to a rich source of water, the city actually existed as a human settlement as early as 9000 BC (9000 BC), and the reason is similar to the great civilization in the evolution of civilization.

From 9000 years ago to the present, it has experienced a total of 11,000 years. The ancestors who live here are in order from the Middle Stone Age, the Neolithic Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Ancient Greek Civilization, the Ancient Roman Civilization, the Islamic Civilization, etc. Evolving one by one, the way of life has gradually changed from collecting hunting to farming and settlement.

Therefore, in the eyes of archaeologists, the history of Jericho is the epitome of human civilization. How to bury the civilization from the place where there is no fixed place, just like the bionic person in the game.

So back to the game content, Jericho was the first settlement of the bionics, and the abnormal bionics slowly spent the rest of their lives without any purpose. Until the arrival of Markcus, one of the protagonists, Jericho had a leadership, raised fire and incubated civilization. The bionics also feel their own lives and pursue equality and freedom.

(Supplement: When Marcus first entered Jericho, he ignited several fires, but the bionics could not feel the heat, so why should they ignite? Because knowing how to use fire in the evolution of civilization is very important, symbolizing the fading of darkness)

“People” – Connor, Kara, Markus

In this work, the plots of the three protagonists are intertwined, making the story vividly portrayed, but their names also implicitly describe their personality traits, and more suggestive of the positioning in the story.


The name Connor is from Scotland and Ireland. It means “commander of hounds” in Ireland and can be translated into the head of the hound. In Scotland, it is the chief who gives aid, which can be translated as the leader of assistance.

So turning back to the game, the hound represents the investigation or the police, and the leader is the highest-order bionic person in the form of Cyberlife.


Carla is not only a kind mother but also a sincere friend in the game, and this trait is also reflected in its naming.

Kara can also be regarded as Cara, which is derived from classical Latin. It means beloved. Chinese can be translated as beloved or loved, so it can be interpreted as friend in Irish, that is, friend or friend.


Finally, Markus, Marcus can be traced back to the classical Latin Mart-kos, and like Mark, Mars and Marcus are synonymous with Hammer or God of war, which can be translated as Warhammer or Mars.

And the meaning of the same name, Marcus in the game is set to fight or war, regardless of whether the player chooses peace or revolution, is essentially a war.

“sky” – rA9

rA9 is the biggest mystery in this game. Domestic and foreign players who have played games want to ask: Who is rA9?

So there are all kinds of guesses and explanations on the Internet, such as asking whether rA9 is an individual or a group? Or ask rA9 is the program itself or a virus?

However, human beings are symbolic creatures. In addition to the problems, the mystery may also be the answer itself. So this article mainly analyzes what is rA9?

As for who is rA9? The author will share the experience of other netizens, and the answer is left to the reader to think about it.

What is rA9?

Like many hieroglyphs in Chinese characters, many of the commonly used English letters today are also derived from pictographs. It is only because of the long history and the evolution of culture that the meaning of pictograms has long since passed away.

But if we rely on the ancient and early pictograms of Europe and the United States and the Bible, we can see exactly what rA9 is:

Starting from R, r, R, r is the eighteenth letter of modern English, and the history can be traced back to Egyptian hieroglyphs, the font is the head, and the meaning is head, which is the head.

So in ancient Hebrew, this letter stands for first, top, beginning, and Chinese translation is the beginning, the tip, the beginning.

Then there is A, a, the first letter of modern English, and the history can also be traced back to the Egyptian hieroglyph, the font is the head of the bull, and the meaning is ox head, which is the bull head.

So in ancient Hebrew, this letter represents strong, power, leader, and Chinese translation is powerful, powerful, and leader.

In the end, it is the Arabic numeral of 9. In history, numbers are not only used for calculations, but often with other meanings.

9 is the last symbol in the decimal, so in the Western Bible, 9 sometimes represents the divine completeness and the meaning of finality, which is the integrity of God and the ultimate meaning.

Therefore, combining the interpretations of the above three, we can see that rA9 is very likely to be the initial, the beginning, the power, the strength, the integrity of God, and the ultimate meaning. And randomly put the three symbols together, and then create such a meaning, personally think that the chance of coincidence is not great.

So explain this, I believe that readers can speculate on what is rA9, but also understand why abnormal bionics will believe in rA9.

Who is rA9?

As for who is rA9, the production team actually buried very interesting eggs.

Egg 1:

First of all, if the reader carefully looks at the front of the disc of Detroit: Become Human , you can find the words printed on the small rA9, which actually implies that rA9 may be the player itself.

If the above inferences are applied to the meaning of rA9, it can be found that the two are actually compatible.

How the bionics in the game get free is completely determined by the player. And is the human being in the game a higher presence for the bionic person? Or are players who make choices outside the game more capable of dominating everything?

Egg 2:

About rA9 foreign netizens also found an interesting discovery in the online manual of the game.

If you use the Japanese version of the online manual (Japanese online manual address: click to enter), turn the manual to the last page, you can see that rA9 is displayed at the bottom left of the page.

When you click in, you will see a large rA9, and SECRET→RA9 will be written below.

So if you change the SECRET of the URL to RA9, you can enter the last hidden page, and the three protagonists will wait for us.

So these three are rA9? Is the person who makes the choice for these three people a higher existence? I believe that every player has their own answer.

to sum up

I have played quite a lot of interactive movie games, including Quantum Dream’s “Rainstorm” and “Superior Twins”, and “Detroit: Change” is a very good work in this game type.

Even if the subject matter is a bit old, but in the overall combination of world view, character and symbol design, Quantic Dream really puts a lot of thoughts, not only the pursuit of “resonance with the player’s emotions”, but also the pursuit of a work “perfect and “Integration”, “people, things, things” are required to conform to the “time and space background” in the game.

Finally, attach the high-definition picture of the three protagonists of the hidden page. If you click on the big picture, there is no watermark.


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