What’s the story of “Detroit: changing people”?

What’s the story of Detroit’s transformation? As for the understanding of the game plot, there are different opinions among different people. Here we have a simple understanding of the plot by a player

Simple analysis of the game plot

Have A guess that has been lingering in my mind, the creator of the bionic man (small plait male, I forgot to call what, is called A), should be in A the bionic, are written in the human body with the extent of the self, in other words, each bionic person actually has A soul, just for some reason, A lock the soul level. This can also be seen in the biomimetic empathy test designed by A himself, so the reason why I made A lock the program here is A little bit of A guess.
In the drama of connor, black women (also is A teacher, here is what I call B), B has been hidden in the connor subconscious, command and urged connor to kill the soul awakening mutant. As you can see here, even though B is dead, he still has some sort of agreement with A, which is connor. However I presume that the content of the agreement should be: create A intelligent bionic man, and have the soul, but A teacher B think, this system there should be no soul, if bionic man in mind and human to the same height, then sooner or later humans will one day be bionic man rule. So B has some way of getting A to agree to the removal of the bionic man’s soul program. And, just in case, intervened to create the connor model to eliminate the mutant bionic man. But A doesn’t want to give up on his own ideas, so he secretly puts the soul program into the bionic man. After the death of B, the bionic rebellion increased year by year. Here I guess A weakened the lock in the manufacturing process, and the bionic people were more likely to start to change people’s behavior. As for the purpose… I still can’t guess.)
Until the last game, I sure my basic idea, connor last into heavy snow in the world to see B, B says I have a subsequent party at this time, control the connor and ready to kill marcus. But connor heard an A in her ear: “I have A back hand for every bionic person.” then connor found herself with the back hand of A. From here you can clearly see that A and B is standing on the opposite, so A to bionic placed inside human body soul program, just to play, the have, this I can’t give an answer.
See the egg connor: one end will finally see the Amanda, when Amanda brought out another new type of connor said let the original connor scrap, the original connor a little affection all have no. So Amanda is completely convinced that the bionic man is a machine. (but that reminds me: isn’t Amanda dead? Why the new model? Didn’t Amanda actually die? Or is it because of Amanda’s engagement that she has added Amanda’s personality to every generation of connor?
This is a simple analysis of the Detroit avatar game, and you are welcome to leave comments to discuss your views.

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