“Detroit: Become Human” plot analysis in depth What is the game talking about?

In-depth analysis of the plot

Detroit-Change is a game that discusses bionics. As a cloud player, after watching several endings, there have been two questions:
1) What event is this game telling?
2) Who is RA9?
After thinking hard, sort out a few hidden clues in the game:
A Kamsky is the founder of the Model Control Life Company, the father of the bionics; there is a “back door” for the bionics;
Miss B, the main interface of the game, this type of bionic person is the favorite of Kamsky, and he has at least 3 in his family.
C The three main characters are related to Kamsky. The Kara in the game is not the first abnormal bionic person, but the Kara-type bionic person is very likely to be the first abnormal bionic person. Kamsky is the intelligent life madman. Special attention will be paid; Connor, Kamsky has a back door and clearly tells Connor himself; Marcus, Kamsky made and presented it to the painter.
D The unusual bionic base, Jericho, is just across the Kamsky home. This buddy can be seen through the glass of the mansion.
After the game’s three-line full-breaking story, Kamsky will come back to take over the model-controlled life company, and claim that the bionics’ feelings (humanity) are not real, but merely imitate the manifestation of human behavior.
To sum up the clues, there are the following inferences:
1) The whole game process is Kamsky’s experiment. He uses the game’s main interface, the younger sister to guide the players (Khan, all mice), to operate the three Bamsky focus on the bionics, let the player guide Bionics produce humanity:
Kara-mother and daughter; Connor-father and son; Marcus-love, and at any time produce experimental data on game archives.
If the player is too dishy (three-line full collapse story), the experiment fails, indicating that the bionic person can not produce true humanity, then Kamsky will destroy all the original bionics, produce a batch of upgraded and continue the experiment. If the player succeeds and the bionic person gains freedom, the younger sister who induces the player to the main interface of the game is free to take back the experimental data (the player archives all deleted…).
2) RA9, the 9th of a KARA bionic person, KARA9, the first abnormal bionic person.
Finally, announce the results of the experiment, how to make the bionic person human:
Mother and daughter’s feelings: Try to protect Alice, protect the origin of the weak and the mother and daughter.
Father and son: understand and support Hank, relieve his inner anxiety, and untie his heart – the most needed for father and son is understanding and support. In addition, you should buy more wine from the old man, accompany him to the Eden nightclub… and so on.
Love: sharing the past, spiritual communication. The love between North and Marcus came into being. The opportunity was that North spoke of his painful experience in the past, and Marcus shared his memory shortly after. So, when a bionic person falls in love with you, that is, he or she says to you: How was Laozi how? .
In Kamsky’s view, bionics resist master violence and even revolution. These are all imitative emotions (humanity). They are only the procedures set by the model control company (similar to Amanda in Connor’s brain), not really It has produced humanity.
If you finally give the main interface Miss Sister free, and delete the archive, add an animated plot: Miss Sister returns to Kamsky, Kamsky is behind a row of Miss Sister, then everyone faces the screen and smiles and says: 3x, human. This is a cow.
Note that Alice’s paintings for Carla should be abnormal after Kara’s beggars were sent for repair. Her bionic cursor was also removed at that time, that is, the bleeding position in the painting.
The above is some of the players’ own feelings about Detroit’s in-depth analysis of human plots. If you are curious about the plot or have other opinions, please leave a message!

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